Lucas Renet

Hello my name is Lucas Renet and I am 19 years old. I am in my second year of my MBA at European Business School Paris and for my third year I need to find an internship in a foreign country. So I am looking for an internship in marketing at an English speaking country in sports or digital companies. I am able to work in team, I am also observant and thrustworthy. And you are welcome in my website!

Lucas Renet

My Interests:

My Inseec Classes:

My trip in San Francisco

I went to San Francisco with my school, EBS, in march 2018, this was the first time I came to US, so for my first objective was to discover the US and San Francisco cultures. San Francisco have a very particular culture and I saw it when I have visited the city. Districts like Castro or Haight-Ashbury district are very different than what we can see in France so this was interesting to see where counter power was born. Also it is fun because every streets are different and each blocks are a new universe. I was really amazed by the landscape which I can saw in San Francisco. I really love San Francisco this a beautiful city.

Lucas Renet

My second objective was to understand how and why companies from Silicon Valley succeed so much. I had conferences and classes about the mindset of Silicon Valley. This is very different than in France because people can fail as long as people understand why they failed without be considerate like a looser. Also people help each other and I try to get advices from everybody in the streets. So for me the success of Silicon Valley is thanks to this mindset because people keep to think positively. I think it is the way to think but not enough people think that way in France. At the end of my trip I went to Silicon Valley that was really interesting to see where the big companies like Google or Apple are based and how big it is. I was really impress by the spaceship of Apple, we can even think people work in this building.

My third objective was also to go at a NBA game. I achieve this objective because I will go in the game of the warriors the Thursday 29th of march.

And my last my objective was to learn how to code, I learn how to use HTML in my Inseec classes. So I hope you enjoy my website!

Thank you for your time and I look forward for hearing from you.

You can reach me by telephone at +33 6 40 48 25 57 in Paris or email me at lucas.renet@gmail.comand this my resume here Resume

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